Z100 New Kids Chat- Danny, Jordan , Joe and Joe

Acá estractos del chat que dieron los Kids el dia 5 de setiembre, se agradece a todas las chicas que lo postearon en las listas.


First, he told us to slow down cause it was crazy in the chat room...and it was! He said the dancing was going great, he doesn't live in Essex anymore but he has a farm and he misses it. (that was my question and he answered it...DYING!! ) He drive a Chevy pickup...a chevy man!! Grin He can't wait to get out on the road. He would never date a fan *sniff* and he would never sleep with someone he didn't know. *sigh*

He is very tired of the anxiety questions. I don't blame him. They kept asking him over and over. Blah. It got really annoying. He also seems tired of people asking him about a Myspace page. He says he's a private person and Myspace is for kids. LOL

He said he's getting married next year....to us! Such a flirt! Cheesy Donnie tried to take over his computer but he stopped him. LOL Um, what else? He thinks hunting and fishing are cruel, he likes Famous Amos cookies, boxerbriefs, fav color - green (for trees and grass, he said, *sigh again*)

His fav songs on the album are Grown Man and Dirty Dancing. People started on him about smoking and he said "Smoking? Working on that problem" LOL He had braces three times, he always lost his retainer on the road. (the questions were soooo random at times! LOL)

Here's a killer: Someone asked "are you as sweet as you look?" and he said "I'm sweeter than I look" Ack! Dying over here!! Grin Then someone said "You're sweet Jon but you have a freak side too" and he said (in all caps) "SORRY NO FREAK SIDE HERE". I don't think any of us believed that, even if it was in all caps! LOL

He's only singing backgrounds on tour. I told him we'd take it! LOL Oh, here's a good one....someone asked "how many hores do you have now"...I'm sure she meant HORSES! And Jon replied "hores or horses? I have a few of one of those" LOL He was kidding about the au natural (once again...don' t believe him), he doesn't cook, he works out 3 times a week. He's tryin to learn Spanish and he eats turkey and ham on thanksgiving (told you....random. LOL)

Here's a cute one. He said he can get emotional at movies, that there's no shame in crying, his grandpa told him that. Aww.



Here are a few highlights from the chat with Danny:
They are going to sell special tank tops at the shows and the proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity.
He doesn’t have a “type” of woman, but the traits he likes are independence/ intelligence, attractive, and funny.
When asked what he wants stocked him his tour bus, he said “Hoegaarden Beer”
Beatles are his musical inspiration
He has 2 dogs
He has been eating a lot of salads
No plans for him to do any solo songs on the tour
He loves kids, but he is content with 4 kids and is not planning on having any more
When asked if he prefers rough or slow sex, he said both
He likes Jason Mraz?
They are already thinking of touring in the summer of 2009
His mom’s parents were from Portugal
His favorite restaurant in Boston is the Oyster House
He likes Sushi
He doesn’t gamble or smoke, he says his only “vice” is sex
He loves Maxwell
He loves Miami – no winter
When asked what cologne he wears he says it’s a secret
When asked if he uses toys in the bedroom, he said none necessary.
He says he is a giver and “a freak but a gentleman”
Prefers the waxed/Brazilian
He works out 5-6 per week, he lifts weights and runs
When asked about fitness tips, he said "you are what you eat, I eat healthy and train hard and drinks lots of water”
Their web cam wasn’t working for me during the chat, but I managed to get a few screen shots at the very end. The one of Donnie on the phone is him calling a fan he just talked to in the chat!


Thanks to ElovesJK for a summary of Jordan's chat (She got in a little late):

Jordan: i'm tired, were tired wecve been workin our #@!!@*!! off but its all worth it!
Jordan: no sleep till toronto gotaa go to europe next week.....
Jordan: what should i eat for lunch, splitting it with joe
Jordan: i want an italian cutie sandwich
Jordan: looking at menu
Jordan: my wife dont care if I'm single on tour
Jordan: future wives tour 2008
Jordan: secret wives and mistresses tour 2008
Jordan: jon aint gettin married
Jordan: i like to dominate not be dominated... ...i aint the guy you think i am
Jordan: never wtched nick (Nickelodeon) ...no...played outside all the time
Jordan: i like shy school girls!!!!!
Jordan: of age school girls that is
Jordan: no nerves at all on stage...pure joy and adrenaline
Jordan: sons will be playing drums and air guitar... no theyll be in school
Jordan: we got 4 extra bunks on the bus... me and jon
Jordan: knight sandwich
Jordan: keith urban....so what... why do you keep saying that?
Jordan: tj...good luck in boot camp!!!!!!
Jordan: amanda2...happy bday
Jordan: i wanna come to spain...please invite us!!!
Jordan: i'd love to work with tpain...i LOVE his music
Jordan: danny will be doing all the meet and greets
Jordan: muahhh {(some girls were requesting a kiss! = ))}
Jordan: boxer/breifs
Jordan: black
Jordan: yeah i cornrow....
Jordan: can yall see me?
Jordan: have you guys seen the video with neyo?
Jordan: shaved or waxed?
Jordan: christa...you like me thivk? {thick}
Jordan: winkie {a fan requested him to say her name}
Jordan: i dont know what my fave song is....womans work maxwell is up there
Jordan: is maxwell putting out a cd? his best sstuff is libe btw
Jordan: live
Jordan: yes this is the best nkotb album in my book for sure
Jordan: i didnt think it would be quite like this... hoped for it though!
Jordan: i dont gamble...no. ..a little blackjack ... thats it {after someone asked him if he would be gambling at the casino shows}
Jordan: only nkotb songs on tour
Jordan: celtics will repeat!
Jordan: actually ask donnie about the celts. i dont even know if all players will be back
Jordan: kobe did HIS thing...lakers are wack!
Jordan: et ready for that storm...ill br here {because a girl told him that instead of preparing for the storm, she was in the chat room}
Jordan: am i shirtless? um no...why?


Thanks Linagirl for a summary of Joe's Chat:

Joe's influence is Frank Sinatra.
And theatre.
He is a butt man.
His favorite song on the album is Twisted with Single close behind.
They're doing Twisted in the show and he says "It's hot"
The reason they said Jones Beach instead of a beach in Boston on Summertime is to pay homage to all the shows they did in NY.
He says he doesn't remember a redhead from 9 years ago with camcorder - who would?
James Font Leroy wrote Twisted.
Twisted probably means something different to him than the rest of the guys. He feels like it is about a girl who is a "piece of work" who is at that point in her life who likes the drama, and the guy is obsessed with her attention.
"Hat size - BIG"
He wants to more video blogs from the road.
The biggest difference now is that they work really hard to stay on the same page and work toward a shared goal.
He thinks they'll tour in '09 but "we'll see".
He doesn't know what he'll be doing in 20 years - too long.
He doesn't think this is their last album together, but maybe.
(I screamed SLOW DOWN in the chat and he typed FASTER!)
Lady Gaga will doing some dates with them.
He said he was much happier with Single on the Today show than with The View.
The baby baby bus is Danny & Donnie's bus and it's the "baby daddy" bus. LOL
His bus is the Mac Daddy bus.
His son is the greatest, it's everything they say it is.
Griffin has lots of teeth and it's really cute.
He loves the new video.
He thinks the girl in the video is hot. And he doesn't discriminate when asked if he preferes blondes.
He says Eman rocks and they were in each other's weddings.
I quote: "No offense to Face the Music, but this ain't that. Be bold and know that this is hot and cool. And if you call to request, just call like you want to hear the song. Not like a crazy fan...it will take the edge off"
He is single on stage and for 3 minutes and 27 seconds after the show. But not for preshow.
He tried to write a book once, it's hard. Is thinking of writing stuff for the blog - compile it. He enjoys writing.
He loves the East Coast to live, NY but only some New Yorkers.
Loves the Boston College Eagles.
He doesn't work out. He runs and does 230 push ups a year...
He may just rip off his shirt in the show.