Post reader Amy Hutchinson, 27, from Stapleford, last saw New Kids On The Block when she was ten years old. She was among the thousands at the Trent FM Arena last night for the American boy band's reunion tour. This is her report...

"Screaming girls and glow sticks" – that's all my dad can remember about the first time I saw New Kids on the Block in 1991.

If he had seen me last night I'm sure it would bring back memories because I was ten years old again - for two hours, at least.

Five suited men (not kids) appeared on the stage at the Arena, and mayhem ensued. Looking around I could see everyone else was as overwhelmed as I was.

New Kids on the Block definitely still have the moves, sex appeal and charisma they always had; they did a full, satisfying show with a good mix of old and new songs which pleased their eager fans no end.

They came out singing one of the new songs "Single" from the new album, which I thought was a good opener, and it was received with deafening screams from the audience.

Everyone has their favourite songs but a general swoon was heard all around the Arena when the guys emerged from the darkness dressed head to toe in white, sitting on stools and we heard the first line of "I'll Be Loving You Forever". A more excitable mood swept through the crowd as the New Kids performed one of their more upbeat classics "Step by Step".

Donnie, Joey and Jordan each did an individual performance which was great – Joey performed a medley of 2 old songs "I Remember When" and "Where Do I Go From Here"; Donnie performed his classic "Cover Girl" whilst surrounded by beautiful dancers; but the real treat was Jordan Knight performing "Baby I Believe In You".

The stage went into darkness and then he appeared up high under a spotlight with a white shirt blowing open in the wind – a trademark Jordan Knight performance and I am certain every woman in that audience was, like me, glad they continued the tradition into 2009.

Part way through the concert was a thrilling twist - the whole Arena went into darkness and then the boys appeared on one side of the Arena running alongside the crowd up to a small circular "hidden" stage near the back, where they performed 3 songs and allowed the crowd to get very close and touch hands.

The guys talked a lot to the crowd about how happy they are to be seeing us all again. They had a video camera on stage which they used to tape the crowd and during the song "Click Click Click" they struck poses and compared them on the big screen to our great amusement.

All in all, a truly thrilling night and well worth the 15 year wait! It was refreshing to be transported back to all those feelings of awe I felt for New Kids on the Block back in the 90s, and I would pay to see them again and again.

Even a non-New Kids lover could appreciate their talent, charisma and real dedication to what they do. A great night had by all. New-Kids-Block/article-641043-detail/article.html