Joey McIntyre, Actor/Singer, THE MEDIA DIET

By Karina Longworth posted 2 weeks ago

Between the early-90s demise of his Boston-bred boy band and their current resurgence , youngest New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre established an acting career. He landed a regular role on the TV drama Boston Public , appeared on Broadway, and appeared in a movie called On Broadway . An indie drama also featuring Will Arnett and Eliza Dushku, McIntyre stars as an amateur playwright who mounts his premiere production not in New York's famous theater district, but in the back of a Boston bar. With On Broadway debuting today for streaming and download on , we talked to Joey about the books, movies and music he used to amuse himself when he's not  contributing to NKOTB's tour blog. Check out his answers below, and the trailer for On Broadway above.

What films have you seen recently? Which ones stuck with you and why?

Joey McIntyre: One that comes to mind is The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford . Very real, puts you right there in that time and space. Illuminated the living conditions of the 1800's. And I love good movies that take their time the stillness of them. Brad Pitt was great and I think Casey Affleck's role was made for him, or he was so good that it felt that way.

What do you consider can't-miss TV?

The Tudors .

How often do you read fiction, and what have you read lately?

I don't read enough. Last book I read was The Fountainhead . And right now I'm reading David McCullough's John Adams , which inspired the amazing HBO series.

Is newsprint dead? If your answer is yes, where do you get your news? If your answer is no, what physical newspapers and magazines have you read lately?

I don't believe its dead. I get the New York Times daily and it blows my mind how they or any other newspaper puts it together every day, in this or any other era. I think no matter what the marketplace, the best will stick around and The Times is the best.

What are your five take-to-a-desert-island bands?

U2, Queen, Gap Band, Journey, Count Basie and His Orchestra

If you could collaborate with one filmmaker, who would it be and why?

Garry Marshall , because I have had the privilege of working with him in theatre and I'm scheming to get with him on a film. He's a prince, but he's hungry like a pauper.

What would be the ideal pairing of filmmaker and musician for a concert film?

On paper, can anyone beat Scorsese and The Stones?

What was the last thing you saw on YouTube (or other online video source) that blew your mind?

Mr. Turner gets arrested for DUI . Didn't really blow my mind, but its one of Donnie Wahlberg 's favorites.