Pollstar, NKOTB sites list Syracuse on Kids' reunion tour for March 26 at War Memorial
Posted by Mark Bialczak January 19, 2009 9:28AM

The New Kids on the Block reunion tour list on Pollstar and the NKOTB websites both say that the Kids' will be coming ot Syracuse on March 26.

They list the Onondaga County War Memorial as the venue. Ticket on-sale date is listed as to be determined. I've got a call into the Oncenter.

In a review of their Saturday night concert in England, critic Alison Dayana writes that the five still dance ... only not as much in synch as she remembers from 15 years ago.

Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight are no strangers to Syracuse. Back in their boy band day, they played the Carrier Dome. The date was Nov. 24, 1990, and their mere presence caused quite the stir.

Here's what critic Larry Hoyt wrote in the Post-Standard:

The New Kids on the Block's entrance at the Carrier Dome Saturday was typical of the show-business pizazz that permeated their act.

First, as the lights dimmed, there came a wave of ear-piercing screams from the Kids' fans.

Then, amid swirling colored lights and manufactured fog, a large white box, about 6 feet by 15 feet, was lowered on wires from a lighting rig above the stage.

Cartoon images of Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joe McIntyre and Jordan and Jonathan were projected on the box. Each cartoon face was greeted with more screams of recognition from the young girls who comprised most of the 38,000 attending the sold-out show.

When the box reached a platform at center stage, the cartoons were replaced with life-sized photos of the Kids. Then, with a loud bang and a puff of smoke, presto! Out popped the New Kids on the Block.

The group's five-piece backup band, on risers at the back of the stage, pounded out the opening chords to "My Favorite Girl." The just-hatched New Kids struck a variety of model poses for about a minute before they spread out across the stage, wireless microphones in hand.

Here's a youtube clip of The New Kids on the Block on the Today show in April.

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